Your Fuel Delivery is Our Priority

- 10:00 pm - November 9th, 2023

Never run out of fuel this winter when you enroll in automatic delivery with Parker Oil & Propane. We calculate your home’s estimated fuel usage rate and track the degree days to determine your unique delivery schedule.

Parker Oil wants you to have a peaceful year, that’s why we handle all your heating concerns. You no longer have to schedule your fuel delivery a few days in advance or worry because you forgot to check your fuel levels. Automatic delivery gives you freedom and helps you save time by not having to monitor your fuel gauge.

Your home will never be without fuel because our computerized program factors in the weather, tracks how much fuel you use and schedules your delivery before you run low.

As a way to help you with the cost of fuel, we offer a budget plan that divides your fuel bill for the year into equal monthly payments so you can avoid paying for everything in a short amount of time.

Just imagine how much easier your life will be when you don’t have to monitor your fuel levels or schedule deliveries. Call Parker Oil & Propane at (800) 486-3146 and enroll in automatic delivery, and you don’t have to imagine it because it’ll be your reality! For more information on how you can save with our budget plan, contact us so we can help.

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