Protect Yourself from Volatile Fuel Prices!

- 8:56 am - March 21st, 2022

What if we told you that you can make your fuel prices and payments more manageable and predictable? We all know how volatile fuel prices can be, and we've seen firsthand how things can escalate.


Here's some good news! Our Capped Price Program and Budget Payment Plan can help you manage heating costs. Even during times of high volatility. Here’s how they work.


Capped Price Program (Propane Only)


When propane prices rise, it can be a bit unnerving. We’ll cap your price at a predetermined amount that your costs will never exceed. If prices should fall, you’ll enjoy the lower price.


Budget Payment Plan


During the next heating season you’ll be spending a majority of your fuel budget during a few short months. Same as every year! Our budget plan helps with this problem. We’ll divide your costs over 10 months giving you even and manageable monthly payments.


Parker Oil puts control of fuel costs back in your hands! Make budgeting a breeze and call today to enroll in the right price protection plan for you.

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