Improve Your Safety with our Propane Safety Tips!

- 1:19 pm - June 25th, 2024

Propane is a favorite fuel source among Parker Oil & Propane customers. In addition to being highly efficient, it’s clean, versatile, and made right here in America. Although propane has an excellent safety record, it’s important to always practice propane safety to limit the chances of an issue.


Your safety is priority number one at Parker Oil. We talked to some of our propane experts about safety tips you and your family can take to help keep you safe. This is what they had to say:  


  1. Proper Storage: Propane tanks should always be stored outside in a dry place, on an even surface, and should have ample ventilation. They should also remain upright and secure to avoid issue.


  1. Clean Up Around Your Tank: You always want to keep a clear path to your tank. Make sure there aren't any branches or bushes around or in the path to the tank so our delivery drivers can easily access your tank.


  1. Schedule Inspections and Tune-ups: All repairs to your propane system need to be done by a certified professional. Call Parker Oil & Propane to service your equipment and make sure you have a leak-free system.


  1. What to Do if You Smell Propane:
    • Do not ignite flames or sparks
    • Do not turn any light switches on/off
    • Leave the area immediately
    • Shut off the gas if it is safe
    • Report the leak to 911 or Parker Oil right away
    • Do not return to the building or area
    • Have your system checked!


If you have any questions about your propane system or would like to learn more about propane safety, you can always call us at 434-447-3146 or fill out a contact form to contact us.

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