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Virginia’s Tank Abandonment Experts

Virginia’s Tank Abandonment Experts

- 9:44 am - March 21st, 2019

When it comes to upgrading your underground heating oil or propane storage tanks, the removal process can be a real headache! Not only due to the expense, but also the various rules, permits and regulations that are required to have it done properly! At Parker Oil, we utilize the Petro Fill® Underground Tank Abandonment Process to fill it in place – keeping your property safe, with minimal need for landscape restoration.

Here’s what goes in to the safe abandonment of storage tanks:

  • First, we use Petro Sorb® to absorb any water, mud or sludge that’s left in the tank after we remove the fuel.

  • We then pump the tank full of a blended polyurethane foam that is inert and causes no pollution or contamination to the ground. This blend also provides excellent structural integrity, keeping your property safe.

  • In most cases, all of this can be done via the fill pipe, completely removing the need to break ground at all. In some rare instances, however, it may be necessary to perform minor excavations.

The decision to abandon or remove a tank completely doesn’t have to be made lightly. Some considerations you should keep in mind are…

  • Tank abandonment is significantly cheaper than tank removal

  • Tank abandonment takes less time to complete when compared to removal

  • Tank abandonment is more likely to leave your property intact. If digging is required, it’s very minimal, as opposed to removal where the entire tank must be dug up.

If you’re still not sure what the right move is for your property, we’d be happy to help you figure everything out! Contact us online today to get the conversation started – and to learn more about our tank abandonment process.