4 Reasons to Service Your Air Conditioner Before Summer

- 10:00 am - February 22nd, 2023

Ready or not, warmer weather is coming! Is your air conditioning system ready for it?

At Parker Oil Co., it’s our job to be one step ahead when it comes to all your home comfort needs.

It’s been a long winter and your air conditioning system has taken some extensive time off — we’re here to ensure it’s ready to work when you need it to!

We recommend scheduling your air conditioning system tune-up as soon as possible.

Why are tune-ups important? Keeping up with maintenance will pay off with…

  • Fewer Expenses, Less Stress. When our technicians perform tune-ups, they identify and resolve potential issues, saving you from unexpected trouble and costly repairs in the future.
  • Lower Energy Costs, Greater Efficiency. By helping your equipment run properly, tune-ups improve your system’s efficiency, directly affecting how much energy your equipment uses and, in turn, how much you spend on energy bills.
  • Longer System Life. The moving parts within your system must be lubricated to work correctly. Pieces becoming stuck could cause a motor to overheat and burn out, causing extensive damages that require expensive repairs or equipment replacement. Keeping up with maintenance allows your system to last longer.
  • Greater Comfort. Routine tune-ups ensure consistent, outstanding performance from your system. Functioning at its best, your cooling system will run more efficiently, allowing for greater comfort with less energy.

Let us help you prepare your central air conditioning system for the warmer weather! Give us a call at (800) 486-3146 or contact us to schedule your A/C tune-up today!

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