Fuel Freedom

Parker Fuel Freedom takes commercial fleet fueling to new levels of convenience, control, efficiency and savings.

Fuel-Freedom-Logo_x300w.pngAs a Fuel Freedom member company, you have access to card-controlled fueling at dozens of Virginia and North Carolina locations and more than 30,000 facilities across the U.S. and Canada.

Regardless of how many vehicles your business operates, Parker Fuel Freedom will save you time and money. We provide all grades of top quality gasoline and diesel at competitive prices. Unlike many companies, Parker Fuel Freedom does not charge a fee to open or maintain your account.

The advantages of using Parker Fuel Freedom are numerous:


  • Control: Our Fleet Fueling System puts you in control of company vehicle fueling. You have the ability to choose who can fuel and what products they can pump. Every driver is required to enter a pin number and an odometer reading, and every transaction is reported in complete detail.

  • Reports: You can choose from weekly, twice monthly, or monthly fuel reports. Fuel transactions are sorted by vehicles and drivers for your convenience. We can also report vehicle totals by department if needed. Every transaction lists the vehicle number/description, card number, date/time, site number, location description, odometer number, quantity/dollar amount, miles per gallon, and cost per gallon. Every report displays a breakdown of taxes paid by tax type.

  • Convenience: Every fuel card and report is produced at our local office. With your fuel card, you have access to several thousand CFN locations nationwide.

  • Internet Capabilities: You can log on to the Fleetwide Site Locator any time for a complete list of local and national fueling locations. You can also view your transactions and cancel cards online in real time.

  • Savings: Everything you need to do vehicle fuel bookkeeping is included in your fuel report. This report will save hours of time spent on vehicle bookkeeping.

  • Safety: Imagine one of your drivers or salesmen out on the road after hours, when the service stations have closed down and there's no gas to be found. With Parker Fuel Freedom, your employee simply drives into one of the network's convenient stations, inserts their card in our electronic fuel machine and enters a personal code number. There is no cash to carry around and no driving all over town while the gas runs out. If a Fuel Freedom card is lost or stolen, it cannot be used without the personal pin code.


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