Advantages of a Propane Gas Stove

- 12:47 pm - December 13th, 2021

At Parker Oil, we proudly offer a variety of auxiliary heating appliances – including propane-powered cooking ranges! If you’ve had any experience with gas cooking ranges you know that one of the best things about it is the temperature control. But that’s not the only advantage that propane cooking ranges possess!

Did you know…?

  • On average, it costs about half as much to cook with propane as it does with electricity.

  • Heat immediately disperses from a propane gas cooktop once it is turned off, unlike an electric cooking appliance which remains hot for half an hour or more.

  • Certain cooking techniques – charring, toasting, and flambéing, for example – are only possible on a gas cooktop.

  • Your favorite warped-bottom pan can be used on a propane gas range; electric cooktops need flat-bottom pans to maximize their cooking ability.

  • Propane gas heats evenly along the bottoms of stove-top and oven cook and bakeware, which means fewer hot spots to scorch sauces or burn cakes and casseroles.

  • Unlike electrical appliances, many propane cooking appliances are not affected by power outages.

If you’re using an electric stove and are interested in switching it over to propane – give us a call or contact us online!

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