Learn More About What Variable Speed Means for Your Comfort

- 10:21 am - January 6th, 2021

Parker Oil Company services many big-name brands of heating system manufacturers, so we’ve seen just how advanced the technology can get when it comes to improving the heating comfort inside our customers’ homes, such as variable speed motors. While we understand the technology, we know that the average homeowner might not – so let us help you get to know more about variable speed motors!

Variable Speed vs. Energy Usage

Instead of turning off when the equipment reaches the thermostat’s set temperature, a variable speed motor will continue to run – albeit more slowly – to maintain the temperature while using less fuel. Additionally, since the equipment doesn’t turn off and back on constantly (also known as cycling), fuel consumption is reduced even further, effectively lowering heating costs.

Variable Speed vs. Humidity

When the heating system turns off, it’s no longer trying to balance the humidity levels inside the home. With a variable speed motor, however, the equipment continues to run and maintain adequate levels of moisture within the home to keep occupants even more comfortable.

Variable Speed vs. Temperature

Because variable speed motors are constantly running to maintain your preferred temperature, you won’t have to tolerate temperature swings that can occur when a single or two-speed motor cycles off after reaching the set temperature.

To sum up, variable speed motors help you manage your heating costs, balance humidity levels inside the home and maintain a consistent temperature – what a great way to improve the overall comfort level of your home!

Whether you’re working with a variable speed, two-speed or single-speed motor, Parker Oil Company is here to help keep it well maintained and working efficiently. Call or contact us online today for all of your heating system service and repair needs.

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