Prepare Today for the Weather Tomorrow!

- 11:35 am - February 26th, 2024

It’s an old saying for a reason, but when it comes to your air conditioning equipment, the best defense really is a good offense. As your friendly, neighborhood, full-service home comfort company, Parker Oil & Propane wants to remind you of the benefits of scheduling your air conditioning tune-up this spring!


Benefits of a Spring Tune-Up Include:


Scheduling Flexibility: Spring is the ideal time to schedule your annual cooling tune-up. With increased flexibility around scheduling, we can find the perfect time for your tune-up that seamlessly fits into your schedule.


Reducing the Chances of a Breakdown: During the winter, your air conditioning system had to contend with the elements outside. Scheduling your tune-up today will allow our technicians to catch and address issues with your equipment early. Fixing a small issue before it has a chance to become a larger one can help prevent a breakdown during the summer.


Improving Equipment Efficiency: Just like your car or truck, your cooling equipment requires annual maintenance to help it run smoothly and efficiently. During an air conditioning tune-up, one of our experienced technicians will test, check, and clean vital parts of your system to boost efficiency and comfort.


Extending Equipment Lifespan: As your full-service home comfort provider, we understand the costs associated with your air conditioning system. It’s an investment, and one of the best ways to protect that investment is by scheduling annual maintenance tune-ups with Parker Oil & Propane.


Don’t wait until the warm weather arrives before scheduling your air conditioning tune-up. Call Parker Oil & Propane at (800) 486-3146 or click here to schedule your tune-up service.

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