Save on Heating Bills with Parker Oil & Propane

- 10:00 am - October 12th, 2023

Every winter, Parker Oil & Propane looks for ways to help our customers pay for their heating bills. Things like annual tune-up services and upgrading outdated equipment are always excellent choices, but Parker Oil wants to take it a step further and help simplify your heating bills. We are happy to announce that the Pre-Buy Plan and Capped Price Plan are now open for enrollment!


Enrolling in either budget plan will curb those hefty heating bills you face in the winter and can even save you money by avoiding the volatile fluctuations in heating fuel prices throughout the season.


Here’s How it Works!


Pre-Buy Plan*

A Pre-Buy Plan allows you to pay for all your heating fuel for the winter in one simple payment. This payment can be made from October 1, when enrollment starts, to November 19. You can lock in your price for fuel when it is historically cheaper in the fall rather than paying more when prices go up during the winter.    


Capped Price Plan*

With the Capped Price Plan your winter rate never goes above the capped price, but it will drop when the market rate does. This plan requires a small, one-time fee of $59 plus tax, but it protects you against the rising prices in winter and will keep your payments at or even below the price established when you enroll.


*Both plans require a minimum of 400 gallons of fuel


Whether you decide to enroll in our Pre-Buy Plan or our Capped Price Plan, you can be sure that a discount program is a great way to lower your costs for heating fuel this winter. Just remember to enroll before 11/17/23, when both programs close! 


Call us at (434) 486-3146 to enroll today!

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NOTE: If you are having a heat emergency, please call the office immediately. Do not use e-mail to alert us to an emergency. Thank you!