Parker Oil & Propane Knows Where Your Energy Dollars Go

- 9:01 am - September 27th, 2018

You paid top dollar for your heating equipment, but what happens when the magic runs out, and you stop getting the same bang for your buck that you’re used to? If your heating system doesn’t seem to warm up your home as well as it did years ago and you find you’re spending more money on fuel during the fall and winter, here are a few of the “magic acts” that may be involved in making your energy dollars disappear!

The Disappearing Act

Warm air from your heating system is constantly filling spaces throughout your home. When these spaces lead outside, your warm air ends up heating up the neighborhood instead of your home. The gaps around windows and doors, recessed lighting fixtures and locations where plumbing, ducting or wiring comes through walls, floors and ceilings provide secret trap doors that air can escape through – this is fixable with weather stripping and caulking.

Sands of Time

As a furnace or boiler ages, it diminishes in efficiency, especially when not properly maintained. If your heating equipment has seen better days, needs frequent service calls, leaks, or makes a lot of noise during operation, it’s a good time to consider an upgrade! Newer models are more efficient, quieter and have a longer life expectancy.

The Big Finish

An over-sized heating system can actually cause your home comfort to suffer. Its short and frequent cycles cause wear and tear on the entire system, and don’t allow for proper heating coverage throughout the home.

At Parker Oil & Propane we know how to help keep your home heating system working properly just in time for the coming winter. Don’t ask how we do it. We won’t reveal our secrets! But, if you call us today we’ll let you take advantage of the many services we offer.

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