Air Conditioning System Acting Strange? We Can Fix It!

- 12:36 pm - July 21st, 2021

Even the newest, most well-maintained air conditioning systems can run into minor hiccups every once in a while. But just because normal wear and tear is… well, normal, doesn’t mean you have to tolerate it.

Let us repair your air conditioning equipment when…

  • You’re noticing a lot of strange new noises or odors coming from the equipment

  • You’re noticing that your AC won’t turn on or off based on your thermostat’s settings

  • You’re noticing that your AC equipment gets too cold to run and even freezes

  • You’re noticing that your AC isn’t producing any cold air

  • You’re noticing high humidity levels throughout the home

  • You’re noticing a lot of dust blowing around when the system turns on

These signs can indicate minor issues that don’t require a system replacement and that can be prevented by regular tune-ups, although the time in between tune-ups can bring about levels of abnormally high usage due to high humidity and high temperatures that result in the need for an extra repair mid-season.

And our experts are happy to help! Trust our air conditioning system technicians to diagnose problems and resolve them in a prompt manner. Running into issues with your air conditioning system? Call or contact us online today to get the assistance you need.

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