Live Hassle-Free with Automatic Delivery

- 10:30 am - August 15th, 2023

Are you tired of having to constantly check your oil supply? We understand how busy you are, you don’t need another task on your plate. To help, we’ve made it easy for you to receive fuel with our automatic delivery!


Founded in 1935, Parker Oil & Propane began delivering heating oil and other petroleum products to the South Hill, Virginia area. Now we provide businesses and homes in Southern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina with oil, propane and other petroleum product deliveries, as well as servicing heating and cooling systems.


When you sign up for automatic delivery with Parker Oil & Propane, you never have to stress about running out of fuel or scheduling a delivery. We monitor your oil supply for you and we deliver it on time! If you want your heating fuel without the hassle, enroll in automatic delivery with us!


Benefits of automatic fuel delivery:

  • Are eligible to enroll in our budget plan and service agreements
  • You’ll never have to call to schedule a delivery
  • You no longer have to monitor your oil gauge
  • Delivery schedule is put into place to ensure you don't run out of oil


Be sure to call or contact us to sign up for automatic deliveries. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the risk of running out of oil is over.

Click here for more information on automatic delivery.

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