Why Propane is Virginia's Fuel of Choice

- 11:17 am - January 9th, 2019

Homeowners throughout Virginia look to Parker Oil Company for their propane delivery needs. These same homeowners can all vouch for what makes propane Virginia’s go-to for home fueling, including its versatility, efficiency, reliability, and safety. Continue reading to learn more about the qualities of propane!


Propane’s versatility comes from its ability to fuel more than just home heating systems. Propane can be used to power fireplaces, whole-home emergency generators, ovens and cooktops, water heaters, pool heaters, and still much more.


The speed at which propane provides heat is incomparable to many other fuel sources, such as electricity. While electricity might take an hour to reheat a hot water tank, propane could do the job in 20 minutes. Higher efficiency allows homeowners to use less fuel to provide ample power to many propane-powered appliances.


If a storm knocks out the power, your propane-fueled appliances will still work. This is especially ideal for Virginia homeowners, who are no strangers to hurricanes and severe winter weather conditions that touch down in our area and leave folks without power, or heat!


For those concerned about their impact on the environment, propane is listed as a clean fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act as well as the Energy Policy Act of 1992. It burns cleanly, and doesn’t contaminate groundwater or soil. In addition, propane comes with many fail safes to keep homeowners and their families safe. The added odorant allows homeowners to detect any leaks early on, and propane equipment is manufactured under strict rules and regulations to ensure homeowner safety.

At Parker, we share many of the same qualities as propane! We offer a versatile selection of fuels and services, we work efficiently to keep our customers comfortable and happy, our customers rely on us for all of their fuel delivery needs, and we want our customers to enjoy their comfort in a safe manner!

Call or contact us online today to learn more about our propane services, including our automatic delivery service that keeps your tank full, so you don’t have to worry about it!

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