Your Heating Needs May Have Changed – Here’s What You Should Do

- 10:12 am - October 8th, 2020

Virginia homeowners have had their lives flipped upside down because of the coronavirus pandemic. One of the biggest changes they have faced is the amount of time they’re spending at home because many folks are now working remotely and learning virtually. Since all of this started in early spring, the last thing on these homeowners’ minds was their fuel usage, but now that the heating season is upon us it’s important to shift gears and start thinking about how heating equipment and fuel has been impacted.

Here are some things to think about when preparing for the heating season while spending more time at home!

Fuel Usage

Whether they’re using propane or heating oil, being home more often is likely to result in homeowners using more fuel. This is especially the case as temperatures begin to drop during the day – while residents are working or attending classes from home.

If you’re an automatic delivery customer, let us know that you’re home more often so that we can adjust your deliveries! If you’re a will-call customer, be sure to check your fuel levels more frequently to avoid running out of fuel.

Equipment Usage

Normal wear and tear won’t be so normal this year. The reality is that homeowners are going to be relying more heavily on their home heating equipment with their homes being their new workspaces and classrooms.

Don’t forget to schedule heating system tune-ups as soon as possible! And don’t ignore any strange noises or odors that could indicate an issue – call right away to set up a service call to avoid equipment breakdowns.

Our goal is to help our customers get through the heating season amid the COVID-19 pandemic as comfortably and safely as possible. Be sure to keep these things in mind as we deal with cooler temperatures, and contact us or call right away to adjust your automatic delivery schedules, enroll in automatic delivery, place orders for delivery or to schedule a service.

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