Tired of Wasted Energy?

- 10:00 am - August 28th, 2023

Ready to put an end to high energy bills from your inefficient heating and cooling equipment? At Parker Oil & Propane, we proudly serve the businesses and communities of Southern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina area with all their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) related issues. We believe you and your family deserve the best home comfort and when you choose Parker Oil & Propane, you it!

There are a variety of ways to increase the efficiency of your HVAC equipment that will help you see a decrease in your monthly energy bill and a huge improvement in the performance of your equipment!

How to Increase the Efficiency of your Equipment:

  1. Seal gaps around windows and doors- to prevent any of your cooled or heated air from escaping and being wasted.
  2. Schedule an annual tune-up- to make sure your system is running at maximum efficiency. Annual tune-ups can help you use up to 10% less energy each year
  3. Avoid blocking air vents-  clear the area from furniture, boxes, drapes, and dust the vents to make it easier for your system to distribute your conditioned air.
  4. Lower temperature- set your home thermostat to a comfortable but lower temperature, to spend less money on heating costs. You can cut your energy bills by as much as 10% by lowering the temperature setting by 10-15 degrees.

For more questions or to get a tune up, please call us at 800-486-3146 or contact us here! At Parker Oil & Propane, our highly skilled technicians are here to solve all your HVAC related problems!

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