Signs It’s Time to Call for a Heating System Tune-Up!

- 9:48 am - November 19th, 2019

Parker Oil Company is a full-service heating oil and propane supplier that offers Virginia homeowners a reliable supply of both fuels, as well as a professional crew of technicians who know home heating equipment.

Your home heating system can last a long time as long as you keep up on its regular maintenance! Not only will it last longer, but it’ll perform better and save you substantially on home heating costs. If you haven’t scheduled a tune-up in a while, keep an eye out for these signs that it’s time to call:

  • Uneven heating throughout your home or building.

  • More frequent breakdowns and service calls.

  • A time lag between turning the heat on and feeling the warmth.

  • Rising energy consumption even when you turn the temperature down.

  • Noticeable soot and/or loud noise.

It is best not to wait until your heating equipment starts exhibiting these symptoms to schedule a heating system tune-up, so be sure to contact us online today to schedule your tune-up so your heating equipment can continue to last for the winter!

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