Know Your Payment Options

- 3:36 pm - November 9th, 2018

The time is quickly approaching when you’ll be relying more heavily on your heating equipment and, in turn, the fuel that powers it! Whether you use heating oil or propane, the best way to protect yourself from the volatile market price of fuel during the heating season is with the payment options available from Parker Oil & Propane!

Our Capped Price Program is available to our propane customers, and it allows them to protect their wallets from inflation and take advantage of price decreases. We’ll set your price cap at a predetermined maximum, and this price will be the most you could possibly pay for your propane. If market prices happen to drop, however, you’ll pay the lower price.

For both our heating oil and propane customers, our Budget Payment Plan helps keep fuel costs manageable by spreading those costs out over the course of 10 months. Each month’s bill is the same, which helps our customers prepare their budgets during the heating season. For customers using both fuels simultaneously, the costs can be combined into one budget plan.

There should always be room in your household budget for comfort, and that’s what you get with the payment options from Parker Oil & Propane. Learn more today about how our payment options can help you this heating season by contacting us through our website, or giving us a call at 800-486-3146 or 434-447-3146.

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