A New Water Heater can Save You Money!

- 10:28 am - April 11th, 2023

Are you tired of taking cold showers in the morning or wasting gallons of water while you wait for the water to turn warm? April is "Earth Month," the perfect time to get in the spirit of conservation and upgrade to a new water heater with Parker Oil & Propane.

As your full-service home comfort company, Parker Oil will help you choose the ideal water heater for your home or commercial building. We are proud to be a premier dealer of Rinnai Tankless Water heaters. Whether you use an oil-fired furnace or boiler, a new water heater can help improve your comfort and save you money!

3 Benefits of a New Water Heater

  • Lower Your Energy Bills: A new water heater will be much more energy-efficient than your old model. It will heat your water faster and keep it heated for longer, saving you money on monthly energy and water bills.
  • Hot Water Recovery Rate: An upgraded water heater will have a better recovery rating which will give you access to more hot water when you need it most.
  • Save Space: Today's compact and reliable tankless water heaters take up much less space than traditional water heaters and will provide you with extra storage space throughout your home.

With the amount of water and energy you will save with a new water heater, it will feel like every day is Earth Day! Call Parker Oil & Propane today at (800) 486-3146 or contact us to discuss your options for a new water heater.

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