Tankless Water Heating for the Money Conscious Homeowner

- 2:01 pm - June 30th, 2020

Even during the summer, water heating is an important part of a family’s home comfort! The problem is that with most reservoir style water heating systems, homeowners might find themselves paying more than they’re comfortable with for hot water that, if used often enough, could run out!

What makes reservoir style water heaters less cost-effective?

Standby energy loss is significant with this style of water heater because energy is constantly being used to maintain the set temperature for the water. As the hot water is depleted, more colder water enters the tank that needs to be reheated to the set temperature.

This constant cycle can have quite a large impact on your utility bills! But there’s a way to enjoy constant hot water without the cost: Tankless water heaters!

Here’s how a tankless water heater helps provide more efficient water heating:

  • There’s no tank, so standby energy loss is not a concern

  • Additionally, there’s no running out of hot water since the water is heated up “on demand” when you need it

  • Tankless water heaters typically last longer than reservoir style heaters that can rust and leak

  • Outside of regular maintenance, tankless water heaters often require fewer service calls throughout its life

Don’t worry about being the last one to take a shower ever again! With a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater installed in your home, you’ll always have the hot water you need - when and where you need it - without breaking the bank on utility costs. Call or contact us today to get started with your new tankless water heater installation!

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