Simmons Travel Center: Rest, Refresh, and Refuel

- 11:53 am - August 29th, 2022

Whether you're a truck driver or long-distance traveler, everyone needs to make a pit stop at one point or another. Our Simmons Travel Center has everything you need to hit the road again feeling refreshed and energized.

Our Food Variety

Rumbling stomach making it hard to focus on the road? Grab a delicious doughnut and hot coffee at our very own Dunkin' Donuts. If you're looking for lunch or dinner options, stop by our Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs, Hunt Brothers® Pizza, or deli sandwich counter. Once you've gotten your food, don't try to eat and drive, eat in peace at our 40-seat dining room. While you’re here, watch some T.V. and take advantage of the free WiFi.

Vehicle Services and Supplies

If you're ever on the road and are experiencing vehicle troubles, our Simmons Travel Center has a mechanics garage with wrecker service to fix any issues and make sure your vehicle is safe, dependable and ready to drive. We also sell driving supplies to help make your trip as comfortable and smooth as possible. Of course, our travel center is also equipped with several fuel pumps so you can fill up on unleaded gasoline or diesel. We even update our fuel prices on our website frequently so you can check ahead of time.

Other Amenities

We offer a wide range of other helpful amenities including large, handicap accessible showers, ATMs, a UPS drop off box, and even a coin operated laundry room.

We have two conveniently located Simmons Travel Centers, each with their own unique features, food spots and offers. Visit our Simmons Travel Center Page to view where we are and what else we offer customers to help them stay rested, refreshed, and refueled for their long journeys.

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