You Can Help Improve Your Own Home Heating Comfort

- 4:11 pm - October 12th, 2021

Of course you’ll always have Parker Oil and Propane to keep your home heating equipment in proper working order and fueled up, but there are things that homeowners can do if they’d like to be a bit more hands on with maintaining their home comfort during the heating season.


Here are a few ideas:


  • Change the air filters if your home uses a furnace. Dirty air filters become blocked and inhibit airflow, resulting in low-quality comfort coverage. They also raise the chances of dust and dirt being circulated into the home.

  • Clean the vents and registers. Just as dirty filters can block airflow, so can dirty vents and registers. This can also cause an imbalance in pressure for the system and uneven temperatures throughout the home.

  • Weatherize your home. As temperatures change, homes shift - which creates gaps where air can escape. Seal up these gaps by applying caulk or weather-stripping in order to retain the conditioned air and keep the cool air out.

  • Install a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat will help in at least two ways: First, it will automatically adjust the system for you as needed after learning you and your family’s schedules. Second, it saves you energy and helps to lower your utility costs through these adjustments.


No matter what small tasks you do around the home to improve your comfort, don’t forget that the most important one is picking up the phone and scheduling a heating system tune-up! Call or contact us online to get started.


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