Don’t Forget About Your Budget Plan!

- 9:48 am - September 10th, 2021

The heating season is almost here, now is the time to renew your budget plan… or start one, if you haven’t already experienced the ease and peace of mind in having complete control over your heating bills.

Here’s how our budget plan works!

  • We estimate your heating oil or propane fuel expenses for the coming year based on the number of gallons you have used the previous year and the new cap price.

  • Then, we divide the total into 10 equal monthly payments

  • If you use both heating oil and propane, you can combine these fuels in one budget plan

Our budget plan is perfect for those propane and heating oil users who want a little bit more help with their budgeting – especially during the heating season, when homeowners typically spend about 80% of their heating budget! Take control of your fuel costs with Parker Oil and Propane! Contact us now to get started.

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