Fighting Humidity With a Well-Maintained Air Conditioning System

- 10:48 am - April 22nd, 2021

It’s not just the heat that makes most homeowners uncomfortable during the summer, it’s the humidity as well! One of the most important functions of an air conditioning system is to balance the moisture inside the home, but if the equipment hasn’t been receiving its tune-ups on a regular basis it may not work properly!

This can be a detriment to your summer comfort because a proper balance of moisture helps avoid…

  • The growth of mold that can cause respiratory irritation, asthma attacks and other illnesses

  • Damage to wooden floors, furniture, and the structure of a home

  • Keeping the body from cooling off naturally, causing you to turn up the AC and increasing utility bills

  • Infestation of bugs and critters that thrive in humid conditions

  • Damage to expensive electronic devices such as cellphones, computers and televisions

In addition to maintaining comfortable humidity levels in the home, a well-maintained air conditioning system will…

  • Run more efficiently

  • Be less likely to break down unexpectedly

  • Reduce the need for intermittent repairs and the associated costs

  • Improve air quality

Make sure your air conditioning system is ready to take on the coming summer! Call or contact us online to schedule your AC maintenance.

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