Bitter Cold Winter Freezing up Your Budget?

- 11:58 am - January 22nd, 2019

When temperatures drop as drastically as they did this month, your home heating costs will likely increase due to the demand of fuel. Luckily, at Parker Oil Company, we can help you manage your fuel payments and make them more predictable!

Take a look at the payment options available to you:

Propane customers can enjoy our Capped Price Program. You’ll lock in a predetermined maximum that your price will never exceed for the life of the agreement. If fuel prices should drop in response to the market, you’ll benefit by paying the lower price. If they should increase, such as during the heating season, you’ll be safe and continue paying your capped price.

Also, heating oil and propane customers can take advantage of our Budget Payment Plan! Your heating costs are spread out over 10 months, allowing you to pay a predictable amount each month. This plan saves you from the annual budget squeeze you may be finding yourself in this year! And, if you use both heating oil and propane, both fuels can be combined in one budget plan!

Are you home heating costs getting out of hand this year? Don’t let it happen again! Contact Parker Oil Company today and ask about when you can enroll in a Budget Payment Plan or a Capped Price Program!

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