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A Better Alternative to Tank Removal in Norfolk, VA


Getting rid of your underground fuel tank can be an incredibly long process that requires you to tear up your property and empty your wallet. Parker Oil Company provides an easier and less expensive solution. We offer in-situ (in place) closings of your underground tank. In place closings save you money by eliminating downtime, excavation, and more. It also causes no side effect pollution and is a more environmentally friendly option.

Underground Tank Closing Specialists

Parker Oil Company is the only contractor in Virginia licensed to perform in-situ closures. Our team of professionals have the tools and expertise to handle any job no matter how big it may seem. With over 30 years of experience, we perform each job with precision, care and efficiency.

For more details on how we provide this better alternative to underground tank removals, click here to view our Environmental Management Service page on our website.

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